How to Fix Your Shipping and Packaging Cost on RICHARC

As a seller, the first step to fixing your shipping cost, is to get regular updates on the latest shipping price your prefered courier or delivery company charges.

Then visit your 'Vendor Panel'. Click setting in the menu. From the sub-menu, click 'Shipping Methods'.

As seen in the screenshot above, click 'Add New Shipping Method'.

The below window will pop-up in your screen. Fill in the delivery method, duration, and cost. Then click create. 

Please know that you have to create multiple shipping options to cover delivery of small, medium, and large items. You also have to create these categories for delivery within the city, outside the city, and outside the state. Let each shipping method be unique to diverse customers. 

Please see an example in the screenshot below:

 How To Fix Your Packaging Cost

If you do special packaging or have various packaging options for your product that attracts an extra fee, then this is also necessary 

Still in your 'Vendor Panel', click settings. In the sub-menu, click Packagings. The below page will open. 

Click 'Add New Packaging'. A window would pop up on your screen, as seen below.

Fill in your packaging details and price. Then click 'Create". 

Please feel free to create as many packaging options as possible for your items, so that customers can have a variety to choose from.

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please feel free to reach out, and we will give all the assistance necessary.