Adding a Banner to Your RICHARC Store

As a seller on RICHARC, your store front can be made more attractive with customized banners. 

Without a banner, the blow screenshot is what your store would look like. 

 To place a banner in your store, you can use any friendly graphic design application to create a banner showing some of the types of goods you sell. Canva is a very nice option for graphic design.

After creating your banner, simply visit your 'Vendor Panel', click settings in the menu. A sub-menu would drop down. From the sub-menu, click 'Banner'.  The below screenshots page would open. 

Click on the upload button. It will take you to your folder where you would choose the banner you have designed. When it shows up in your editor, as seen in the screenshot above, go ahead and click 'save'.

The below screenshot is an example of what your store front would look like with a banner.